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Firmware Upgrading Download:

1. QR6 Android 6.1 Firmware Upgrading&Instruction 01/12/2017(SN starting> HPS0220Cxxxxxx and HPS0220Dxxxxxx
***note: This firmware works with the box with SN number starting from: HPS0220Cxxxxxx and HPS0220Dxxxxxx only.

   QR6 Android 6.1 Firmware Upgrading&Instruction 8/23/2017(SN starting HPS0220Bxxxxxx)
***note: This firmware works with the box with SN number starting from: HPS0220Bxxxxxx only.

2. QR6 Android 5.1 Firmware Upgrading&Instruction for HPS0220Bxxxxxx only.

3. Q28 Android7.1 Firmware&Instruction

3. Bluetooth 5.0 dongle windows driver


1. What is the product warranty policy
We process the RMA request for our authorized resellers only. Please check with the vendors for the details of their warranty policy.

2. How to pair the HF-D10 headsets to Bluetooth?
a.   Pair the Master/Vice headset.
Please pair the Master/Vice headset before connecting the TWS(dual)  headsets. Take out both headsets from the charging box or push function buttons on both L/R headsets at same time until red/blue lights flash alternately. Double click either button on L or R headset to set the master headset, wait 3-5 seconds until the light of the vice headset turned off. Then please access your phone or other Bluetooth devices’ Bluetooth function to pair D10 headsets.

b. Unpair/Switch the Master/Vice headset.
Please discount the headsets from your Bluetooth device and push/hold the master headset button for 3 seconds to be in pairing mode (red/blue light flashing alternately). Double click the master headset (with flashing light), both L/R headsets will enter pairing mode again with red/blue lights flashing alternately. Repeat step1 to set the master headset again.

c. Two Headsets Connecting to two separate phones or devices

Push and hold either L or R headset button to enter pairing mode (red/blue light flashing alternately).   Access the phone’s Bluetooth function and search “D10” for Bluetooth connecting.